P-40 Kittyhawk  Back to Life

P-40 Kittyhawk Back to Life

We get to help Yanks Air Museum (www.yanksair.com), of Chino, CA,  update a P-40 Kittyhawk that originally flew patrols during WWII in the Aleutian islands of Alaska.  This P-40, once owned by the Canadian Air Force, now carries the insignia of Col. Robert L. Scott, commander of the 23rd FG, the unit comprised of AVG units that made up the China Air Task Force, in Burma, late 1942.   We added the Disney-designed tiger (modified by the unit to be jumping through the Chinese National symbol, shredding a Japanese flag) nose art, carried on both sides of Scott's P-40. The P40s' prior markings (including the AAF roundel) are being removed.